They are life changing

A noble lady just told me,
A book had changed her life;
Can you guess
How I felt hearing that?
I was so elated;
Has a book done that to you?
I love books;
Or do I say
I adore books?
Books change lives;
Many good books are life changing;
They are a gold mine;
But not everybody
Knows this;
Lucky, those who do;
Books are a treasure;
And good books are
The best treasure;
One good book, I say,
Can transform your life;
If you like me to advice,
I will tell you:
Value books;
And give them a chance
To change your life.
Read as many books as you can;
And why not write yours?


One word at a time,
A book I will write;
One book at a time,
An encyclopedia
I will produce;
Then move on to a library;
Yet one book is enough,
To give me all that
I will ever need;
What then if I spend
My time learning words
And how to use them well?
It will just be great;
Not only great but
So great;
The more words I know,
The more words I can use;
And the better I use them,
The better for me.

Inspired to write? (Be inspired today 205 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Are you inspired
To write?
Or you are not?
If you are inspired
To write,
You will write;
If you are not,
You will not;
But take note:
May not fall like rain
From heaven;
Perhaps it may;
And it may not;
If it doesn’t, go for it;
If you don’t know how,
It’s in the books;
On the web;
On radio, television;
Look, you will find;
And be inspired
To write.

Strongly worded letter to Liars

Hello friends,!

Are you aware that we have been putting our heads together, putting our ideas together, to send a strongly worded letter to Poverty? If you have not yet given your contribution, please, stop at the comment box and drop in your own thoughts of what we should tell Poverty. I already made my contribution but let me add: “Poverty, stop being wicked, and leave people alone.”

I know some people may not be interested in addressing Poverty. Maybe the so much poverty around does not hurt or worry them. But if your heart is filled by “the milk of human kindness” as I know you are, you will be worried about the so much harm being caused by Poverty. Why not tell him a bit of your mind? Please, join us in the comment box and vent yourself.

You may equally be fed up with the lies, the false information, rumours going on in the world. I am mad about those who spread such lies – the liars. Let us join our voices and tell them our minds. They are destroying all of us. Let me start.

Dear Liar,

Why are you so wicked? Why are you spreading lies all over. You have invaded the media. You are deceiving people causing confusion. Are you not ashamed?

Please. continue this letter. Tell these Liar what they deserve to hear. If they have made you mad, pour it out. Let them know you are crossed.

Over to you!

For a long time

If you can be an icon
You have no reason not to be;
Nothing stops you;
You have every right on earth;
If you can be a role model,
I strongly encourage you;
Be exactly as you want to be;
Let the world admire you;
Let the world look up to you;
Let the world, want to be
Like you;
Construct an ivory tower
In people’s hearts and minds;
And, forever, dwell in there;
Tomorrow when your time
On this stage of life is over,
And packing your bags you quit,
Let the place you carved out
In the minds and hearts
Of fellow humans remain;
If not for ever, at least
For a very long time to come.
In indelible ink,
Write your name in the hearts
And minds of others for ever.

Join Me for My Livestream Tonight

Part of 2018 saw me reduce the number of online short stories as write as I released two books and went on tour. In 2019 I have two more books coming out again. Lucius McCray will be releasing his book in March and the second book in the Berserker Series will be coming out in May.

Although I do not have as much time to write this year, I am trying to connect with my readers who enjoy my stories both within my books as well as online. If you are able, please join me at 7 pm eastern time on twitch. I’ll be there to chat, answer questions, and also share my experience thus far with e-books and paperbacks in regards to sales and royalties. I hope to see you there.

Click here for the link to this evening’s livestream.

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