Amazon Selling Your Counterfeited Books

I made a brief post on Facebook yesterday concerning Amazon selling forged and counterfeit books. To all my author friends, as well as myself who is an author, I am greatly concerned about this matter. I am listing two links below which flagged me to this prevalent and on-going problem with Amazon.


I strongly believe this has happened to me and it is now under investigation. In order to force Amazon to set in place a policing law, a Class-Action lawsuit should be filed against them. I am urging all authors, whether you are represented by a publisher or are self-published, to PLEASE investigate your sales! How do you go about it?

            Look at your sales charts in Author Central in Amazon. Though these charts are not entirely accurate, do you see sales but have not received royalty money? This is a red flag.

            On your Amazon listing, notice the books being sold at a discounted price. Most counterfeit books are sold in this category.

            Start to order a copy of your books from different vendors who are selling your book, especially if they are being sold at a deep discount.

            Have you received comments from people who purchased your book who said there were spelling errors, incorrect page numbers, or other complaints? This is a red flag!

            Counterfeiting is done not only with physical books but by e-books too. Be sure to check those as well.

When you receive the copies of your books from different vendors, compare them closely to your original copy. Counterfeiting is performed by a computer scanning the original script. As a result, page numbers are often incorrect, there may be smudges in the book, colors are often incorrect, and spelling errors are very prevalent throughout the book. If your book won an award, very often the award is not produced on counterfeit books.

If you know you, too, are a victim of counterfeit book sales, I ask you to consider joining us in a Class Action lawsuit against Amazon. The more authors who bind together, the larger the legal action will be and the better the results. Amazon is a giant, but we are hiring a very high-profile attorney who will not only file a lawsuit but will also place this matter into the public eye. It’s the only way to prevent counterfeiting of our future books!

Dana Bicks

You may email me at: for more information or to get involved.


Author Time with Gary

Today I am doing something a little different than story time. I am talking about some of my health challenges and what led me to complete my first novel a year after starting my new writing career.

Story Time With Gary

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Word artists

Artists are great;
The greatest of them,
Word artists;
They create works of art
With nothing but words;
The great ones shape minds greatly,
And grip hearts greatly;
And define which direction
The world will go.
Why not be a word artist?
And a great word artist;
Spend your life
Learning to create with words;
Spend your life creating with words;
Define and refine;
And make your name;
Make a big name.

Six quotes by contemporary writers

1. “When you schedule time each day to turn off your head and take a step back from everything, I’ve found that you return to your insane life a little better, a little calmer, and a little more resilient than before.
You’re able to see past yourself with more clarity, and when you can do that— prioritising is easier. Saying ‘no’ is easier. You’re able to see what’s important, instead of being blinded and overwhelmed by what’s urgent.”

2. “One of the toughest jobs in the world is being a parent. There are a lot of people who have children but that does not make them a parent. A parent is always someone who puts themselves second to their children, who see to the needs of their children even beyond their own, and is willing to teach, nurture and love unconditionally.”
From unboxing the bizare

3. “While we should always want to keep our children safe and secure, there are times when they will have to choose for themselves and we will not always be there when they have to make choices.” unboxing the bizare

4. “God has created us with unique characteristics. Once we recognize our merit, we are on the road to success.”(Nathaswami)

5. “I know deep down in my heart that each challenge makes us stronger, each failure makes us wiser, and each daily stressor reminds us that we are alive!” Dr Andrea DINARDO.

6. Is there someone you’re blocking from achieving his/her goals? How about you? What’s your own plan for the next 3-5 years? How will you get there? Step aside and allow yourself, family, friend, or foe …(yikes!), to achieve what you/they have always wanted.” Dr Shelly Cameron (


Writers are great people;
Don’t you think so;
They have always been great people.
They may not be rich;
But they are great people.
They shape minds;
They build minds;
They influence eternity;
Writers are great people;
Tell me why you think so;
What makes writers great people?
Are all writers great people?
What makes some great
While some are not great?

#poem, #writers

Essential Writers Tips 6


Write Dangerously

Telling your best story in the best possible way that you can is the goal of a writer and sometimes this might involve stepping away from conventional writing and taking a risk with your writing.

Risk taking writing pushes your writing out of the box that you’ve nicely fitted it into, to another level.

Grab their attention with that opening line and hold it as you take off from there. In these days of Kindle and fast read, the action gets fast real quick like a jet zooming to take off.

This doesn’t imply that a story shouldn’t have the best calm, soft and gentle opening that’s ever been written, of course, it could, but that opening should be tight and grasp its readers’ attention.

If you are opening up with a love scene, make it sizzle without being off-putting, plant innuendos that make a reader want to know more or even afraid to know more – take a risk and allow your characters to lead their story without stifling and reshaping their thoughts too much. Read More

Last Love 

All glooms around me, I stand to reminisce our last fatal moment.

The feel of your touch, which awoke sensations never before touched, the taste of your words, the freshness of your breath still lingers; the sweet sound of you’re voice still echoes. I stand alone, recalling what now is lost, even the lifeless around me know; they understand as they have began to decay & refuse to flourish as they once did, they mock me or pity, I refuse to acknowledge, for the storm within me erupts like a volcano gushing forth its pain and anger with all its might to destroy everything within its reach, for the pain builds and subsides at its leisure beyond my control.

Pain is a futile word to describe my loss. My heart mourns, it weeps due to being distant from you. It knows to only function in one way; and that is …

being with you.


Originally posted on Simply Me – Last Love

Image courtesy: Rachael C Marek – Prompt

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There’s a hidden story behind them, there’s a secret hidden pain, those deep, yet long wrinkles, that attempt to hide the scars in vain,

 her sad sunken eyes searched for someone lost in the distance, I noticed a tear tremble as she tried her best to avoid them in resistance. 

Who was it that she longed for? who was it that she searched? who could of left her so broken? Unaided as I continued to implore. 

She looked at me, as if it was her final goodbye, I held her hand to reassure her; as she began.. 

to close her eyes.