Poem ‘The Way To The Other Shore’ by Mirakali

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The Way To The Other Shore

Move on, move on,
find your way to the other shore.
Climb up the mountain,
cross over the river,

overleap the deep valley,
leave the places of darkness,
leave the people of madness and strife.
Find your way to the other shore.

There begins the path of courage,
there you become a warrior of love,
a fighter for freedom,
there you find the sense of life,
the meaning of the world,
there you‘ll find your destiny
and the one friend that will never leave you.

Never be lonesome.
There you find the peace inside,
the wisdom, the smile.
Move on, move on!

Move on, move on,
find your way to the other shore.
Cross the ocean to a deeper sea.

Push forward, don‘t hesitate,
there‘s no time to waste.
You must feel it, you must experience it.

Be yourself to the depth of your soul
or you will miss the way, will miss the chance.
Move on, move on,
find your way to the other shore.

Lyrics & Music: Mirakali © Mira Sound Germany

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Image above: Sea at Antibes (France); photo by Mirakali; © Filmaur Multimedia


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Write and publish above

Do you want to know
If people love
Your work?
Does some idea
Come to your mind?
Write a post on it above
And click post;
Readers here want to read
From you.
Go on and write;
Don’t listen to discouraging
Even from your own self.

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Word artists

Artists are great;
The greatest of them,
Word artists;
They create works of art
With nothing but words;
The great ones shape minds greatly,
And grip hearts greatly;
And define which direction
The world will go.
Why not be a word artist?
And a great word artist;
Spend your life
Learning to create with words;
Spend your life creating with words;
Define and refine;
And make your name;
Make a big name.

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Read this post today 2

What have you written today? We like to encourage you to write everyday or as often as you can. If you have written, inform us to encourage our community to read it. Give the title, the link and if possible what it is about.

Have a great day!

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Trying To Make A Difference

It’s another hot day and the grains are waving in the summer winds; the valleys are covered in shades of amber. I feel the winds facing my spirit. My soul feels like it’s in a pressure cooker. I am on the brink… my heart pales as I look out over the fields as I am so minute. But God has opened a gateway; I stare out over the valley of believers.  I’m no different than my peers; in fact, I’m not even worthy of the gifts from God. YOU, my friends, are better. But I stand in the wake of waiting for our heavenly Father who doesn’t pick and choose. He wants us all but only a few will follow his command.

I’ll never forget the night my Father woke me and told me to write. I still laugh to myself as I thought He was kidding. I said to God, I’ve never written a thing in my life and you think I can do that?? And at the age of sixty??  You can imagine the rest of that story!  I went to the kitchen and picked up a pen. The first piece I ever wrote was, “Jesus In the Back Seat”.  I never published that sacred piece.  Instead I have it stored in my memory as it was what God said to write first.  I got the message….

My point being, while sitting in the dark to begin a journey with not even a road map, I had no idea where I was headed, but God knew!  I ask, “Will you let Him be your engine?”

Can one human really make a difference in 2017? I’m not worthy but I am called.  I have to wonder, what defines worthy? We are all sinners of one sort or another. Doing God’s work comes in many different forms, it’s not just those of cloth that are called upon. I’ve lived long enough to hear those who swear to God and get crucified behind the curtains.

I just stay in prayer knowing if I do as God desires, I’ll be blessed by His own presence. My writings aren’t mine… they are messages from heaven. I have no outline or study guide, nor a computer to correct my poor grammar errors. But being left handed, I just peck away with my “right thumb” on my cellphone. God forbid I get arthritis!  I’m just me; my mother’s boy, loving life and listening to the Lord. ……


Making A Difference

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Landscapes Sketchbook

One of my favorite sketch done in the style I generally feel comfortable with. It’s unique in the regard that it was done with permanent blue marker without any pencil sketch unlike my most pen and ink sketches in which I first draw with the pencil and then trace on that using archival inks.

To be honest, I’m quite impressed with this one.

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It has taken me a long time to write on the topic Buff. I have never seen this word before and so I decided to look it up. At the start it was not easy but I kept on trying to understand and know how to use it. Now, I have decided to write.
If you are having difficulties writing about this word, why not look at it in the sense of someone who knows much about a subject? A buff can be someone we can easily call an expert in a subject. A computer buff, for example, will be someone who knows much about computers.

In my family, I have a computer buff and a film buff. The computer buff is the one who helps me when I am having problems with my computer.The film buff keeps me informed about different types of films. My dream has been to be a blogging buff; but it is not easy. However, I am not giving up.

I have also a world affairs’ buff in my family. She knows a lot about what is happening around the world.

The word buff is indeed a rich word that writers can master and exploit in their writings.

I sincerely thank WordPress for challenging bloggers with difficult but rich words like buff. WordPress thus helps writers to enrich their vocabularies, and sharpen their writing skills. Words are the writers football. They enable writers to get to stardom. The more words a writer knows the better they can convey their message.


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