Quote (God’s yes)

“God is the final. When He decides that a thing should happen, nothing can stop it. Hence, the best way to get what you want is to get God’s yes to it. Once heaven says yes, all the earth must bow.”
(Romilia Quote)

Yes or no (Be inspired today 107 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

You are free to say
Yes or no.
You are free to choose;
You are free to decide;
You are free to accept;
You are free to reject;
Your destiny is in your hands;
No one can impose on you,
Except you allow it to be done;
Yes, many will want to impose;
Many will try to persuade you;
Some will try to manipulate,
But at the end of the day,
You are the one to decide;
Your yes your no
Matters more than anything.
Say yes only to what squares
With God’s plan for you.
And no to all that does not.

I say bravo

I have always sought to know,
What the great achievers have
That others don’t have;
I have always been curious
To find out
What the men and women
At the top do to get there
That others don’t do.
Has that interested you too?
If it has,well and fine;
And a sign of greatness
Lurking in you.
Only people with the seed
Of greatness in them,
Seeking an avenue
To transform to reality,
Are interested in knowing
What it takes to be great;
Hence, I say to you, bravo.

You can do whatever

You can do
You believe
You can do;
You can achieve
You believe
You can achieve;
You can rise to
Position in
Your country
Or in the world
You believe
You can rise to;
But you must
Really want to;
And work for it;
Hard enough;
If you doubt,
That will be
The reason
You won’t make it.
You don’t have
To doubt.
And work for it;
You will make it.

A great week

Let’s make this week
A great week;
Yes, we can;
Let’s not sit and wait;
Nobody will do it for us;
Let’s go out and do it;
Yes, we can;
Let’s not wait
For motivation to come
From outside;
Let’s motivate ourselves;
And do what we want
To do;
Yes, we can;
Let’s be determined;
And work like horses;
And persist;
And we’ll make it big;
Yes, we can;
We can make this week
A great week;
And a special week;
We have every reason
To do it;
And no excuse not to
Do it;
Yes, we can;
Yes, indeed, we can.

Say yes to your day

How do you get out of bed in the morning? Do you jump out of bed with vitality or you drag yourself out? How enthusiastic are you about the day ahead when you get up in the morning? Do you say yes or no to your day?

I believe that the way you get out of bed in the morning matters. If you drag yourself out reluctantly, unappreciative of the opportunity that the creator has given to you to see another day,this attitude will follow you throughout the day.

It is better to get out of bed in the morning with vigor, enthusiasm and gratitude, thanking God that you have seen another day.

Thank God that you have another opportunity today to move towards your goals. Thank God for the challenges ahead today which give you the opportunity to grow stronger.

Start your day with joy in your heart. Silently or aloud, enchant a melody of joy, gratitude and expectation. Say yes to the day and God will say yes to it also.

The yes and no equation

Your success in life will be compromised unless you learn to say yes only to the best things that you should say yes to and no to the rest.
Some people say yes to everything. This is a sure way to disaster. Say yes only to the most important things. Every other thing must take your no.

Not every opportunity, offer, invitation, gift or proposal must be accepted. If you say yes to every opportunity you will find yourself spreading out your energy on too many things instead of being focused; and the attainment of excellence will be out of the question because it comes with focus and concentration.

No one who wants to excel will pursue too many goals at the same time. You have to say yes to the most important and no to the rest.

Many times you will find that no is the best thing to say; and the best gift to give yourself. Saying no may be the way to say yes to the big opportunity of your life. Sometimes you have to say no to what is good so as to say yes to what is best. It is not everything that is good that should have your yes. It may be good but not good enough; and there will be something that is best.

It is also important to make sure that you do not say no when you should say yes. There are factors that can make you say no to your best opportunity when you should say yes to it. These include fear or lack of courage, laziness, inferiority complex, lack of self-confidence, excuses like lack of money, lack of know-how etc. Many people have missed great opportunities because they put these excuses forward and said no when they would have said yes.

The long and short of all this is it is important to be fully aware of the yes and no equation in life. Whether these words are said silently or aloud, they are what determine what you do or become in life. If you cultivate the wisdom and courage to say each of them at the right time and follow up with the necessary action, you will be unstoppable; and your rise to where you want to go will be guaranteed.