Questions to answer

  1. What should be taken into consideration before a young person leaves the parents’ home to live independently?
  2. If you are still living with your parents, what makes you scared or look forward to the day you will leave your parents and live on your own?
  3. If you have already left your parents and are living on your own, tell us your experience? How hard or easy was it to decide?

Send us your answers. You are free to answer all or only the one or ones that you like.

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The best for the end

Advice to young people:

“If you do not have the nice things that your heart desires in your young years, do not say life is unfair to you or that God does not care about you. Keep working hard. Keep doing your best and never lose faith in life and in God, the mighty artist who creates all things. He may be reserving the best for the end for you.” Romilia Quotes.

A challenge to all young people

Do young people support other young people to grow? It’s curious to know if the young support the young. It is often said women do not support other women. I do not know how true this is.
However, what I am interested in here is whether the young support other young to grow or they become jealous and try to stand on the way of other young people who are shining.

How many young people have read, liked and commented on this interview by a young person?

You who are young, have you read it? Have you encouraged this young girl? When we encourage others to grow, we pave the way for our own growth. I, therefore, invite all young people to encourage this young girl by reading, liking commenting, reblogging, sharing and tweeting this interview.

The danger of blind rocking

“Blind rocking is bad for any young person. I have lived long enough to say this with confidence following what I have seen over the years. Out of 100% of the young people (boys and girls alike), who go in for blind rocking, 60% stumble and fall and break their necks. 20% dig their graves, make their coffins, and are buried in humiliation. Therefore, why go in for blind rocking? My advice to young people is no blind rocking.”
Ngobesing Suh Romanus, Girls and Life.

Give the youth their chance

Amazing are the young people
Of today;
Never have the young
Been so talented;
Wizards on the computer;
Swimmers on the net like sailfish;
They learn new languages
As birds learn to sing
With amazing speed;
Who says these parents of tomorrow
Are not amazing?
The world’s future leaders,
Are poised to create a new world.
Parents, give these digital natives
Their chance;
Leaders of today,
Let’s give them the opportunity,
To prove their worth;
To bring out the best in them,
To make their world
The excellent place.

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Tell the young people

Tell the young people of the world that their future is their hands; that they must learn to take responsibility.

This is important to say because while there are many young people who are conscious of the task ahead of them, and are taking control, there are a lot others who think their parents or the government must do things for them.

Young persons who are waiting for their parents to hand things to them on a platter of gold, may wait for too long. Young people who want to wait for the government to give them jobs or scholarships may wait for too long.

Hence, while you are young, creative, energetic and resourceful, begin to carve out your own path. Begin to learn to stand on your feet. You are the architect of your own destiny. Do not wait for anyone, not even your parents or government.

Young people are amazing

DSCN0479I have worked with young people throughout my working life and seen the marvels they do. They are amazing.
Many things adults are unable to do, young people do. They may start slow; but once they pick up, you cannot catch their backs. This has been the case with many of the young people with whom I have worked. At the start, many of them do not show any signs of any special talents; but after some encouragement, motivation, and inspiration, you see them catch fire and become unstoppable.
See what they do on the net or on their computers. Many parents are at a loss; and where they learn such things is difficult to say.
Some people worry about how the young people of today will survive in our The young are amazingdifficult world. We do not have to worry. They will find solutions to their problems.
What parents need to do is to provide their progeny with quality education and an enabling environment that will give them the freedom and impetus to exploit their talents fully.
The creator equips each generation with what it takes to solve its own problems.
It’s my conviction that every generation is more intelligent than the one before it. Surely, I acknowledge the great things our forbears did; but nothing can equal the marvels we see today.
I let the young people who come my way and want to hang on their parents’ achievements know that if they do not achieve more than their parents then they have underachieved.
Two take-home points here:no dream is too big

  • Young people have wonderful talents and can do marvels if offered an enabling environment. Let us offer them such an environment.
  • Every generation is equipped with more intelligence than the preceding one. Hence, young people have no excuse not to solve the problems their parents are unable to solve.

Every young person is challenged. Your potential is not for you to sleep on. It is for you to develop, exploit and do marvels for yourself, your family and the world. This goes even for adults.

Are you ready?

Targetting young people of the world

After three months of blogging on this site, we have taken off time to review our work in line with advice by experts in the field – people who have been blogging for years and have a wealth of experience. I agree. There is no one who can handle all the issues facing humanity. It is better to take a little area and do the best we can there.

I am therefore refocusing this blog on the young people of the world. I am at my best when I am inspiring and motivating them. Over the years I have gained enormous experience in this.

Of course, what we write here will appeal to all ages and we invite the older people to continue to tap from the site. At the same time we want to bring all the young people together to inspire and motivate them, and help them to discover those wonderful talents that they are endowed with and exploit them to get to their dream heights in life.

We are therefore inviting all the youths of the world to make ‘Your Success Inspirer’ their favorite site on the net.

If you are a youth, come here as often as you can and draw inspiration that will take you to where you dream to go in the world.

To the older people who have been enjoying this site, I want to say you will enjoy it even more now because the youthful energy that the young people will bring into it will energize you. That is a great secret of youthfulness: interact with young people and they will pass some of their youthful energy to you.

Moreover, through your comments you can pass on some of your wisdom to these young ones. So my friend, stay here and let us build our young people together and help them to greatness.

If you are reading this, there is one great thing you can do: tell all the youth of the world there is treasure for them on your success inspirer.

Let me end with a question:

Looking at the way the young people of yourcommunity behave what makes youconfident or worried about the future?