Give the youth their chance

Amazing are the young people
Of today;
Never have the young
Been so talented;
Wizards on the computer;
Swimmers on the net like sailfish;
They learn new languages
As birds learn to sing
With amazing speed;
Who says these parents of tomorrow
Are not amazing?
The world’s future leaders,
Are poised to create a new world.
Parents, give these digital natives
Their chance;
Leaders of today,
Let’s give them the opportunity,
To prove their worth;
To bring out the best in them,
To make their world
The excellent place.

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What do you think?

PhotoGrid_1420273189495What do you think about people who age very fast. They are still very young but look old. A girl may be less than twenty but will look like a woman of fifty. Or a young man of twenty-five will be looking like a man of sixty.

On the other hand, there are people who are old in reality but look very young. You find a woman of fifty looking like someone of thirty; or a man of sixty looking like a man of thirty-five or less.

What accounts for this? What are the things that make people look old when they are actually very young? What make some people look young when they are actually old?

Let’s share ideas on this. What is your contribution? You may PhotoGrid_1419263202376also reblog or share this post so that many more people can share their ideas on the subject. Do you know some people who are young but look old or some people who are old but look young? Thanks in advance for sacrificing your time to share ideas with others on this subject. By sharing ideas we build one dream is too big

Time is running out

IMG_0375Who can turn back the hands of the clock?
There’s none that I ever have known.
Now that you are young and strong,
And with energy and vitality bustle;
And thus can run and skip;
Do what you can do
For soon there’s
nothing you will be able to do;
For time is running out fast for you.
Your bones do get weaker by the day;
Your muscles equally weak as well;
Your energy will soon be gone.
Do then what you can do.
So that time may not
Catch up with you,
Do it now.


The young shall grow

IMG_20141226_135843IMG_20141223_143758The young shall grow.
Who can say the young
Shall not grow?
Who does not like the young to grow?
Who can block the young from growing?
No one can do.
Whether from poor or from rich homes,
The young shall grow.
None must attempt to block a young one
From growing.
Let us give all the young
A chance to grow.
Let us support the young
To grow.PhotoGrid_1419263202376

Youth and the future

Ever since the existence of humans on earth, the world has been handed down from generation to generation.

Those who were here before us and are gone handed it over to us. We have been managing it ever since.

How do you evaluate our management?
How do you feel about the world that this generation is handing over to future generations?

Looking at the young people of today who are the leaders of tomorrow, how do you feel? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the world in their hands?

What I told young people

“To inspire is like lighting a fire. It can spread rapidly and affect many” ( Ron Yarosh)

Once, I had occasion to advise a group of young people on success. Following is an extract of what I said to them:

My dear young friends, it is a wonderful pleasure for me to be invited to talk to you today on success. You want me to tell you what you must do to become the persons that God created you to become.

I will tell you what you need to do to stand out and be counted in this world.

There are many things I can tell you; but let me say just a few so that you can easily remember them.

1. Use your time well

If you want to be somebody in the world tomorrow, make the best use of your time today. If you use your time well, you will succeed.  If you use it poorly, you will fail woefully. I usually tell young people “Waste today, regret tomorrow; use today well; be happy and proud tomorrow.”

2. Decide where you want to be tomorrow.

You are the parents and leaders of tomorrow. Tomorrow is in your hands. What type of parents and leaders shall you be? Shall you be just another leader or a great leader? Some of you shall rise to high positions. Some of you shall end in low positions. Where shall you as an individual be? Decide now and start working towards it. There is no time to waste.

3.Build a solid foundation for your life.

When a foundation is solid, the house that is built on it becomes solid. Build a strong foundation for your life.  What you harvest is what you plant. Invest in yourself. Build yourself.  Make yourself strong. Life is not easy and demands that you be strong. If you are weak, others will crush you. Life is a difficult race and only the strong cross its winning-point.

4. Dream big

Set your eyes on the stars. Do not sell yourself short. You were born to win; and God put in you all the potential that you need to become the person you like to be.

5. Build your life on values.

Be a person of integrity. Success that is achieved through dishonest means is not real success. It is failure that looks like success.

6. Stand out and be counted.

Carve out a place for yourself. Make your voice heard above the crowd. Do not try to please everybody. Know what you want and go for it; and remain focused and have it. This is determination and persistence.

7. Put God at the center

Most important of all, put God at the center of your life. Place your trust in Him. Have faith in Him and go to Him often in prayer believing He will answer your prayer.

These are only a few points extracted from advice I gave to some young people. There are certainly points that can be added. Can you think of any? Why not share? Your advise could help some young persons succeed in life.

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Letter to Father no 3 (A young heart in tears)

Dear father,

Since my last letter to you I have become even more worried than before. Why are you doing this to us father? Why are you making your own children so unhappy? My young heart is in tears.

My sister has told me that you have not changed an inch; and that you continue to treat my mother as a beast of burden; that the last thing you said to her was to pack and go. Where do you want her to go?

Which other home does she have? Should an old woman like my mother pack her things and go back to her parents? Remember that you have shared everything together for as long as I know: a common home; a common bedroom and a common bed.

Many times you have made tears roll down my cheeks because of the beastly way you have treated my mother. How can a man treat his wife as a beast the way you treat my mother? Don’t forget, father, that my mother is the mother of your children; the children you have always said you loved so much. How do you love us but hate our mother to this extent?

You treat my mother more like an engine for the production of your children; and a machine that must do all the work in the house. You keep telling my mother to get into the kitchen; that the place of the woman is in the kitchen; that she is to be heard and not to be seen. You say she must bear as many children as it pleases you, regardless of the danger that this poses to her life.

Each time mum wants to go out into the world and do things for herself as other women are doing in order that her voice may be heard you push her back telling her that she is to be seen and not to be heard.

Father, you have travelled far and wide and know that the place of the woman is not in the kitchen. Mother can do things. Mother can do great things.  She can move mountains. I see a giant lurking in mother searching for a way to leap forward and move the world. Why are you frustrating her?

Please, daddy, give her a chance. Help her; encourage her; assist her; work in partnership with her and both of you will do wonders.

If you really love us, love our mother as well. We cannot be happy when she is sad.

Thank you, father for being such a loving father to us.

I love you,


Your son.

Make your parents proud

Some children are the joy and pride of their parents. They are responsible andserve behave well. Some are the shame and sorrow of their parents. They are irresponsible and behave badly.
Quite early in life, some children know what they want, and start working for it. Others have no idea of what they want; grope in the dark, unaware that their future is in their own hands; and that the earlier they start assuming responsibility for their lives the better.
What makes the difference? Are your children your joy and pride or your shame and sorrow? Are you the joy and pride of your parents or their shame and sorrow? Do your kids know what DSCN0590they want in life? Are they working for it? Did you know what you wanted in life early enough? Did you start working for it then?
Sharing our lives enables others to learn from us.

Surviving in tomorrow’s highly competitive world

wise pics

About the future of young people, many in my country are worried.

They wonder how the young will fare?

Where the young will get jobs tomorrow to live worthy lives and bring up their families with dignity.

Those in power are blamed for ruining the economies of their countries, and making it difficult for the young to survive.

I agree.

Many leaders do not care about the future of their youth. This is an injustice to the young.

If enough is done to prepare theM, they will handle their own problems  tomorrow.

What little kids of today do is astounding. They do things which kids like them could not do yesterday. Problems that adults find hard to grapple with, they easily solve.We attribute this brilliance to advancement in the quality of life and better learning facilities.

What we must do to equip the young to solve their problems tomorrow when they take leadership is to give them quality education. This is the key.

All young people are also advised to go for the best education to equip themselves well to survive in a very highly competitive world.

Quality education

Shall the youth

up to the task be;

When in control they are tomorrow?

Shall the youth the problems of their time solve?

When on the stage of leadership they stand?

Shall the youth their own  jobs create?

And the problems of crime  poverty and conflict solve?

These are pertinent questions to ask,

For a lot seems at stake,

And of the future, a lot in doubt.

Yet hope we must have,

For brilliant are the youth.

Quality education is all they need,

And up to the task they will be

When the reins of leadership they take.

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